pCloud Cloud Storage


pCloud is one of the latest cloud storage apps to join the ranks of Dropbox, Box, SugarSync and others. You can upload and sync files like photos, music, videos, documents & more all made available across multiple devices. When creating an account you get a generous offering of 10GB free cloud storage (*plus bonuses for 1GB free storage for referring friends and other tasks that can total 20GB). Although I haven’t tried it, pCloud claims there is no file size limit on uploads within your storage plan. If you require more space you can opt for a subscription pCloud Pro account of 100GB, 300GB or 1TB plan.

pCloud for Android

You can create a free account on pCloud’s website if you don’t already have one. The app is available on Google Play. At first login, you’ll notice a few folders and sample files already organized for you. You can choose to use these or edit them how you feel. By tapping the adjacent “+” button or long-pressing a file or folder you have options to Send a Link invitation, Copy, Move, Delete, Favorite, Upload, Share and Edit. Creating folders is easy, simply tap the “Add” button near the bottom for creating folders or uploading files. Additionally, you have options to sort folder contents with the button to the top right.

pCloud App

The left menu reveals many shortcuts to group all documents, photos, music, videos, etc. Including quick links to Favorites, shared files & links, friends and get a history of recent activity. You share with others via sending links to files and/or folders. An awesome feature is offline access of those files marked as Favorite. Plus you can configure auto-uploads to create a suedo back-up of your files.

There are a few peeves I have to the mobile app, however. You cannot easily batch download files, you must send a link instead and download files individually. This is not the case on desktop. Also, I wish the image browser feature where handed off to the default gallery picker so you can browse by folder versus showing all images as it currently does. This becomes an issue for folks like myself that have a lot of images. You have to browse through a lot of photos to get to the ones you want. And it seems to show photo folders in a random order. I wish it had the folder browsing feature like it’s file explorer, though the issue with that method is that it does not show a thumbnail of files. These are a few areas that can benefit from improvement- otherwise everything else about the app and service is great!

pCloud Web Application

Lastly, the web version of the app offers a few more features not yet available on mobile, and that is a drag-and-drop to upload widget and new Social Backups feature. The latter allows you to backup photos from Facebook, Instagram and Picasa to your pCloud account after given permission.

It’s free to get started, and if you consume a lot of storage space there are ways of getting more for free before you have to pay for subscription plans. It’s super easy to use, well organized and syncs on phones, tablets and computers. I recommend giving it a try!